Thai Red Chicken Curry
Thai red chicken curry; served with coconut rice £5.75

Gnocchi with Pork

Cheesy Spinach Pasta

Sweet Chillli Squid Noodles

Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Penne
Pasta coated in a rich tomato sauce of onion, garlic, basil, seasoning and olive oil £5.00

Lemon & Herb Chicken
Chicken marinated with lemon and mixed herbs, served with vegetable rice £6.25

Chicken Pie
Chicken pieces, mushrooms, thicken sauce, carrots and celery baked with a pastry topping £5.75

Beef Lasagne
Rich beef ragu, layered between pasta sheets and bechamel; topped off with cheddar £5.75

Texan Chilli Beef
Beef, onions, leeks, celery, garlic, carrots, paprika, vegetable stock, sea salt, olive oil, cannelloni beans, red beans, red peppers and barley £2.75 regular/£3.50 large

Coconut Curry Pumpkin
£2.75 regular/£3.50 large

Celery, Apple and Brie
£2.75 regular/£3.50 large

Hot roasts

Salt Beef Sandwich
Salt beef, gherkin and mustard baguette.
£6.25 take away/£7.50 eat in

Belly of Pork Sandwich
Marinated pork belly & apple filled baguette or ciabatta of your choice.
£5.50 take away/£6.60 eat in

Chorizo & Pequillo Ciabatta
Brindisa's famous chorizo sausage, served with pequillo pepper & rocket.
£5.50 take away/£6.60 eat in

Honey & Mustard Chicken
Chicken served in a baguette. £5.25 take away/£6.30 eat in

Spicy Chicken Wrap M/L
Grilled chicken marinated with a spicy yoghurt sauce, in a flat pitta wrap; served with salsa & mixed salad
£4.75 - medium
£5.50 - large

Falafel Wrap M/L
Home-made falafel served with hummus,
chilli sauce & salad; folded into flat pitta bread
£4.50 - medium
£5.25 - large

Halloumi Wrap M/L
£4.75 - medium
£5.25 - large